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Amazing stories about Uber Partners (that is, drivers) are beginning to surface around the world. They help explain why Uber is so successful when it plants and grows new entrepreneurs in new cities. Many Uber ride sharers might not realize it, but they are helping empower small business owners to achieve their own dreams. Uber Partners are the engine powering Uber to new levels of growth and success. From North America to Central and South America, throughout Asia Pacific, from the top of Europe, through the middle east to the tip of Africa, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, transforming dreams into reality.

People from many countries have left their families behind to find ways of earning money to help support their relatives back home. Some have started driving for Uber to make additional income to support their dreams. Nearly all of them want to have the freedom of working their own schedules and being their own boss. Whatever their hopes and dreams might be, they are best illustrated by their stories.

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SIMON FROM ITALY TO ATLANTA – Multilingual abilities enable him to connect with global travelers.

Simon grew up in Italy, emigrated to Quebec, then moved to Atlanta to build a business. His multilingual background makes it easy to connect with riders from all over the world. Simon’s partnership with Uber, according to him, has seen a complete transformation of his business. As a result, he hopes to add more cars and drivers to his company’s roster soon.

CHRIS FROM BALTIMORE – Creates happy riders using past management experiences.

Chris worked in retail management for more than 10 years, then jumped into the limo industry. His customer service background helps him keep his riders happy. By partnering with Uber, Chris feels it has helped him substantially increase his income. After adding a second vehicle and another driver to his business, Chris now enjoys more time with his family because he controls his flexible schedule.

EVANS FROM BOSTON – Turned adversity into success with Uber.

After recovering from a military injury, Evans decided to start a small business as a driver-partner with Uber. Uber’s app is perfect for scaling his own business, Evans notes, and his well-run, Boston-based operation is expanding rapidly. With success under his belt in Beantown, he’s now expanding to Atlanta and has plans to expand internationally.

MOSTAFA FROM CHARLOTTE – Works with Uber to have time for his passion – music!

Soon after Uber launched in Charlotte, Mostafa began using the Uber app to grow his business. The flexibility Uber provides allows Mostafa to work on his own schedule, leaving more time for his passion for music. He plans to add more cars and drivers to the Uber platform in the coming months.

CORNEL FROM CHICAGO – From computer programmer to starting a limo service.

Looking for some excitement, Cornel left his job as a computer programmer to start his own limo company. Uber helped him kickstart his new business while letting him set his own hours. Currently his thriving business is 10 drivers strong. It has allowed him to participate in some Uber Chicago fun by dressing as a Secret Service agent during the “UBERcade” promotion last winter.

MURAT FROM LOS ANGELES –Pursuing his American dream.

German-born Murat moved to the United States in 2000 before openinghis chandelier store, but struggled during the economic downturn. A friend told him about Uber. He downloaded the app, researched the company and partnered with Uber to pursue his new American dream. He has since started his own transportation business and is able to take care of his family back home in Germany.

There are many other similar success stories. Like all entrepreneurial businesses, Uber notes that not all enjoy the same levels of success.  Malik, in Denver now has time to pick up his children at school and the extra income in going into savings for a family vacation. Detroit’s Rico owned a landscaping business before partnering with Uber. He now has four drivers and a flexible schedule. In Honolulu, Bill is a longtime limo driver, new to Uber, and likes the flexibility in setting his own schedule so he can still give tours of Hawaii on the side. Rick, with more than 23 years of industry experience in Indianapolis has been able to reach an entirely new generation of clients by using Uber.

People all over the world, according to Uber, are building their own businesses. Uber’s goal is to add 20,000 jobs in Australia. To date, they have passed the 15,000 mark, changing lives for them and thousands of others.

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