New Uber app supports driver reviews


Uber is constantly updating its apps, both for passengers and drivers. Some new features are a great boon to Uber Partners (drivers).

Becoming an Uber driver is already a great way to earn money in your free time, or even make a good living (Use these links to read more about becoming an Uber driver and what you can earn).

And the Uber driver app is already just short of amazing. You can create a map that allows partners to estimate the likelihood of someone in their area requesting service. That reduces reduces wasted time spent waiting for someone to request their service and helps point drivers to where they are most needed (and likely to earn the most).

There are other features that allow drivers to keep track of their earnings to date, and now, a rating system that lets drivers see what clients have said about them and their service. This is a great way to see the Uber experience from the point of view of their passengers.  With reviews at hand, drivers can understand where there is room for improvement in their service, leading to better performance (and perhaps better tips) in the future.

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