Uber Starts Service in Calgary – Fines Threatened


Uber began offering its uberX ride share services in Calgary Canada last week, in spite of threats from city officials to levy fines of up to $4500 against the drivers for violating the city’s livery bylaw. To date, no fines have been issued and uber service continues in the city amid some controversy.

Although standard procedure for becoming an Uber driver includes a background check and insurance coverage arranged by Uber for the periods when passenger is in the car, Calgary officials have expressed concerns about these issues as well as vehicle inspections.

Calgary’s mayor has urged its citizens to avoid using the service. Investigations by the city into the uber operation continue. However, it would seem that the city is not utterly opposed to a ride share service operating there. Carissa Vescio, a city spokesperson, has indicated that officials do want to find new transportation solutions that meet the desires of Cagarians. The city council is looking to formulate a means to regulate “transportation network” companies such as Uber, while insuring the safety of the users.

In the meantime, it remains to be seen if any fines will actually be levied against the Uber drivers.


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