New Uber drivers can earn up to $1000 sign up bonus


Uber is in need of new drivers to accommodate the growing demand. That’s why they are offering a hot deal to new drivers. Yes, you can earn up to $1000 sign up bonus if you register as a new driver at Uber. Not only that, but there is also a chance to make up to $2000 within a week. So, no more delay, let’s know how to grab this offer.

How to apply & start driving

Are you a US citizen? Do you have a valid driving license? And, do you own a 4 passenger, 2001 or newer car with 4 doors?

If all those answers are yes, then you’re eligible to sign up, and you can get the cash bonus during your initial rides. Now, follow the steps bellow for signing up and start driving for Uber.

Step 1: Click on my referral link and fill out the form to sign up, to earn an extra $100 sign up bonus.

Step 2: Visit Uber’s car inspection station in your city to get your car inspected.

Step 3: Uber will check your background history for drug-related offenses, criminal history, history of fatal accidents or reckless driving, etc.

In most cases, It only takes 3-7 days to go through those steps, but it may take more than a week sometimes.

Read the full article about becoming an Uber Partner here.

I’ve passed the sign-up process, how can I get the sign-up bonus?

The amount of sign up bonus varies depending on the city. The highest bonus is available for drivers in San Francisco ($1000 for 100 trips in first 30 days), and the lowest is for drivers in Denver ($200 for 100 trips in first 30 days). See the chart bellow to know about the bonus amount and ride requirements based on cities.

City of new driver Bonus amount Trips required in first 30 days
San Francisco $1000 100
Sacramento $750 100
San Diego $750 100
Los Angeles $500 75
Orange County $750 75
Boston $300 50
New Jersey $500 50
Washington D.C. $300 50
Philadelphia $500 30
Dallas $300 30
Baltimore $300 50
Pittsburgh $250 10
Minneapolis – St. Paul
$250 25
Phoenix $100 40
Washington D.C. $300 50
Houston $250 30
Nashville $350 50
Orlando $150 20
Chicago $400 40
Denver $200 50


Are you in San Francisco? Do you know you can earn more than $2000 within the first week?

Yes, new Uber drivers in San Fransico can make $2000 within the first 7 days. Let’s say you will make your first 100 trips within the first 7 days. So your sign up bonus will be $1000 + $1250 (ride payments). That’s a total of $2250 just in 7 days. And, it’s not any impossible to get 100 trips by a week in a busy city like San Francisco. Based on the bonus & terms, the theory is same for other cities.

Get an extra $100 Bonus when you sign up as an Uber partner via my referral link:

Finally, It’s a limited time offer & the terms can be changed anytime. Also, Uber can stop this offer anytime without any notice. So, sign-up today and grab the offer asap.

Updated: January 25, 2017 — 5:34 pm


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  1. What is the bonus for new drivers if I initiate my application today?

    1. The list we show is the most recent we have. Most important variable is your city as they pay the most in cities where they need the most drivers. Bonuses are subject to change,but generally we expect they will go down over time as they fulfill their needs for a basic quantity of drivers in any given area.

  2. What is the dollar amount (sign-up bonus)for people that sign up with Uber in the Las Vegas, NV Area?? I did not see Vegas on your listing of states and the amounts?

    1. We couldn’t confirm info for Las Vegas, and as you can see it’s highly variable depending on what cities they are targeting at the moment. You could start the sign-up process if you’re just curious, and they will send you reminder emails to complete the sign up (which you are under no obligation to do). They will generally entice you with the local sign up bonus at that point as well – e.g. mention it in emails and/or you’ll see it when you log back in to uber. Let us know if you get a specific number for your bonus!

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