Uber referral program – How does it work?

uber partner bonus

uber partner bonus

What a win-win situation!! Both new Uber customers and the people who refer them can make extra money through Uber’s referral program. There are referral bonuses for both new partners (drivers) and riders (passengers). Sign up as a partner Uber through a driver’s referral code (like this one), and you’ll get up to $1000 extra money in your first month. Even new riders will get a free ride if they sign up through Uber’s referral program for passengers (click here to use our referral code). No need to say that Uber will reward your referrer for bringing you to them. But how does everyone get paid? Here’s how:

How does it work?

If a new driver signs up at Uber using a promo code/invitation link & complete the required trips, Uber will give a cash reward to both referrer & the new driver

uber free ride referral bonus

uber free ride referral bonus

If anyone opens a rider account using a promo code/invitation link, then he/she will get a free ride as a new rider at Uber. And, the referring rider will get a little cash bonus when the rider takes his/her first ride.

Both new riders and partners / drivers can start earning even more bonuses as soon as their accounts are complete, by giving their referral links to others.

How can a new driver earn through this program?

New drivers can earn up to $100 sign-up bonus by registering through the referral program. To get this offer, you need a promo code or sign up through an invitation link. Otherwise, you will not get the referral bonus. So, you can use my invitation link to open a new driver account. After successful registration & driving approval, you’ll get the sign-up bonus.

Note that in addition to the referral bonuses, there are periodic new driver incintive bonuses. The sign-up bonus & trip term varies with the city. For example, right now a San Francisco driver will get $1000 sign-up bonus if he can make 100 trips within first 30 days where a Sacramento drivers will get $750 if he can make 100 trips in first 30 days.

uber driver referral program

uber driver referral program

Note, existing driver-partners aren’t eligible for this sign-up bonus, but they can earn money by referring new drivers at Uber. So, let’s learn about that option:

How can an existing driver earn through Uber driver referral program?

It’s simple. You’ll get an invitation code after opening a driver-partner account at Uber. Share this code with friends & people around you. Uber will give you a referral bonus if anyone opens a driver account with your promo code and starts driving for Uber. Note that Uber won’t pay you any money until the new driver gets approved & completes the required trips based on his city.

How can a rider get rewarded through this program?

If anyone opens a rider account through an invitation link, he/she will get $15-25 off for his/her first ride. So, click on this link to open a Uber account & claim your free ride.

Note: Free ride value amount varies upon cities. And, this offer is only for people who don’t have an Uber account & didn’t ride with Uber before.

How can a Driver or existing rider can earn through this program?

No matter what you’re an existing driver or rider, you can make money by bringing new riders at Uber. The process is very simple, go to your rider account & find the invitation link/promo code. Now, share it with your friends who don’t have an Uber account. If anyone registers through your invitation link & completes his/her first ride, Uber will give you a $5-$15 cash reward.


As always, we have to mention that Uber is constantly tweaking bonus amounts, so your mileage may vary depending where you live and when you are signing up new customers. Although this referral program has been running for years, Uber can stop it anytime. And, the bonus amount & terms are different upon cities & Uber has right to change them anytime. So, sign up as a driver or rider today before the offer ends.

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