How Does Uber Work?


Uber is a popular drive sharing service around the world. It was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, but the company spread over the whole world within 7 years and has gained enormous popularity since their founding year. However, Uber doesn’t operate their own vehicles, rather considering themselves a software company. Then how does Uber work? Let’s explain.

Uber isn’t a taxi service

Most people think that Uber is a taxi service but that is not actually the case. Uber is just a software service that connects drivers & passengers through a mobile app. Using Uber’s drive sharing apps, individuals can earn money as independent contractors (a status which has been challenged in the courts) by driving their own car. The service has become so popular that an Uber driver may garner more trips and make more money than a traditional taxi driver (and doesn’t need to pay for a tax license or medallion, which can’t be very expensive in some cities). Passengers can order a trip from anywhere from their smartphone, get a good estimate of the fare and watch the progress of the driver en route.

How to use Uber

How does Uber work for passengers?

The process is very simple. You just need to order a trip request through Uber’s mobile app or desktop site. You’ll have to provide your pickup & destination location in your order. The fare estimate for every Uber services will appear after entering the pickup & drop off location. Then you need to choose a level of service based on your budget & requirements to complete the order.

How does Uber work?

After completing an order, Uber will send your trip request to the nearest Uber driver in your area. If the driver accepts the trip they will meet you at your pickup location and drop you at your destination. If the driver declines your trip request, Uber will send it to the next nearest driver. When you arrive at your destination & exit the car, your fare will be automatically calculated & charged to the payment method you’ve linked to your Uber account. Uber also allows cash payment in some cities. In this case, you’ve to select the cash payment option before making a trip request. The app allows you to track the driver’s progress, and you’ll also get a picture of the driver, car, and license plate to ensure you are getting into the right vehicle. (The driver will also see the profile picture of their passenger).

Uber doesn’t approve trip requests from anonymous passengers. You must have a rider account to use their service. Currently Uber is offering a free ride for new passengers who didn’t ride with Uber before. New riders can grab this offer by registering through this link.

How does Uber work for drivers?

Every Uber driver needs to use the driver App to get trip requests from riders. The driver app receives trip requests from the nearest passengers in his area. If the driver accepts the trip request, he needs to pick the passenger and drop them at their destination. The driver will see the profile picture of the passenger to help ensure picking up the correct person. They will also get an anonymized phone number so they can call the passenger. Many drivers use this feature to confirm the passenger’s exact location.

During the trip the driver will get turn-by-turn instructions to the destination. Besides the useful directions, this helps assure the passenger that they are traveling in a direct route to their destination: the passenger can even track the trip on their own Uber app.

When you reach the destination, Uber will charge the fare from the passenger’s account automatically. This means there is no hassle of cash changing, and arguing with passengers about payment. Uber will send your weekly earnings to your bank account on every Monday. Uber cuts 15-25% service charge from driver’s total earnings. The service charge is different for Every Uber services.

How uber works

Few cities also support cash payment for passengers. If a passenger pays through cash, Uber will cut the service charge from the driver’s bank account.

You must be a registered & verified Uber driver if you want to use their service as a driver-partner. Currently Uber is offering up to $1000 sign up bonus for new drivers. So, open a driver account through this link to grab this offer.

Ending Note

Hopefull this article has given you clear understanding about Uber’s basic process. Uber has different fares, service charges, and terms in different regions. But, their primary terms and working process are same for all regions. For example, the trip requesting process is same in everywhere in the world.

Updated: January 25, 2017 — 5:32 pm

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