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If you’re like us, then you love things that are free. So why not get some free rides on Uber? It’s great for around town or on your next trip.  We’ll show you how below…

Free Ride for New Uber Accounts

First of all, if you are looking for a free ride when you sign up as a new Uber customer, look no further.

Sign up with this promo code and
get $15 off your first ride!


(Free Ride Credits vary by city)


Open your new Uber account using the link above and you’ll automatically have about $15 added to your account (Free ride value amounts vary by city). You can use that to offset your first ride(s). Follow the link and you’ll arrive at a page that looks like this, confirming you free money.

Uber Free Ride

Uber Free Ride Confirmation


You’ll first create your account online. Then when you download the Uber app (from Google Play or iTunes) and log in, you’ll see your credit ready and waiting for you.

Earn More $20 Credits

Once you have an Uber account, you’ll automatically gain the ability to earn $20 referral fees, just by sending your own special link to your friends (who also get a free ride by signing up with your link).

Uber Free Ride Menu

Uber Free Ride Menu Option

Look for the “Free Ride” link on the left side menu inside your Uber account. When you click it, you’ll arrive at a page that lets you email, post, FB comment or tweet your link with the push of a button. You will also be able to see your unique referral code.

There currently is no stated limit to how many referrals you can make, however some people have reported a practical maximum earnings of $500. This came about after one person took advantage of the referral service and generated more than $5,000 in cash credits using fake, self-created referral codes.

Speaking of referral codes, are you really bad about remembering those long computer generated number and letter combination codes? Well Uber figures that most people are, so they allow you to create your own code combination. This option appears  after you’ve completed a successful referral who has taken at least one ride using their program. This makes it a lot easier for people to  share and redeem their codes without having to write them down or trying to memorize an arbitrary sequence of letters and numbers.

Currently, referral codes do not have seem to have an expiration date, however Uber may and will change the details of the free ride and bonus offers at any time, and may have different offers in different cities.

New Uber Driver Bonus Codes

There is similar bonus system for signing up new Uber drivers. If you are interested in becoming  an Uber driver, you might as well get a bonus. Here’s a link we found. In addition to your own bonus, Harry from therideshareguy.com will get a nice surprise if you use his link below. If you have a friend who is a driver, ask them for their personal bonus code so you can reward them instead.

Sign up to drive with Uber and get $100-$500 (depending on city) after 20 rides.




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  1. Interesting article. I am honestly surprised that Uber can afford to give so many free rides away. You would think that would cost them a ton of money!

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