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In spite of all the recent controversy, Uber is still active in New York City, with plans to expand upstate soon. Despite a tough (and ongoing) battle with Mayor de Blasio and the traditional city taxi drivers, Uber is currently clear to carry on.

Ever find yourself in a hurry or needing transportation to somewhere? Calling a traditional taxi cab can result in a long wait, and may be next impossible to flag down in some locations, or during peak hours. They are expensive, too.  Friends may not be reliable and family can’t always help us when we need it.

Uber NYC is a great alternative. Check out these reasonable Uber trip rates.

Uber NYC fares

Uber New York City fares


With Uber NYC, all you need is a smart phone, the Uber app, and data service (phone or wi-fi).  No more getting stranded on the curb in the rain or in an iffy neighborhood, hoping an available cab comes by.

How do I use Uber?

  • If you don’t already have an Uber account, read this article on how you can get your first Uber ride free. If you just want to get right your free $20 Uber credit, click  or touch here to open a new account with a referral code that will automatically give you the credit.
  • Next, download the app to your smart phone from Google Play or iTunes, and log in to your account.
  • Tap the screen to choose the location where the driver will pick you up.
  • Then simply request a driver to come and get you. A driver will accept and you move on to the next step.
  • Either enter the address of your destination, if you don’t know it, simply enter the name of your destination.
  • Once the driver has reached you, he/she is then shown where your destination is.
  • You are then showed the route you will be taken through and a rough estimate of what time you’ll arrive.

The app also lets you get a fare estimate before you request a driver.

How do I get a quote?

  • Open the Uber app and enter thelocation where you will be picked up
  • Put the location in which you’ll be headed
  • Then press Fare Quote

The app will then come up with an estimate for you based on where you currently are in comparison to where you’re going and then show you a price. This keeps from ever having to deal with a surprise.

Payments can be made against your account credits are your credit/debit card on record in your account.

Share You Ride – Split the Cost

Needing an Uber, but want to split the costs? Well there is an option for that too. After picking your destination you can use their split cost features which allows you to pay your half and a small transaction fee. Your friends will pay their half and you can be on your way. For those who are big in to social media, you can even share your estimated time of arrival with this app.

Updated: January 25, 2017 — 5:38 pm

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